Pet Care


Our family members are very dear to our hearts and the little furry ones even more so at times.

We at Wits End Solutions love our furry friends and have many clients who have hired us because we are very good at maintaining homes which have animals and we are also very good with them.

We will feed, walk (while we are there cleaning) let your dog outside to do his business, change the cat litter, use enzymes for a natural safe odor removal, remove hair and give snuggles.

If you are looking for someone to take your dog/s out for a hike while you are away for the day or need an over night babysitter. Please look up Dog Walking Tired. If you look them up on FB you will probably see my little furry babies out with the gang. They have so much fun. Pictures are posted daily and it is a joy to see my puppies so happy. I never thought Freddie would be able to do it and he has a blast.

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