Senior and Disabled Care


We can have a need for different services to enable us to stay at home comfortably.

Wits End provides many options to our clients in need. We respect our clients and come to their

home to take care of the cleaning and what ever else has been added on.

General Housecleaning – see retro cleaning

Food preparation


Bed Changing and making

We can change light bulbs and many other little things around the home that can be difficult for some of our clients.

We understand that some of our clients can use some extra company from time to time and we do not encourage our staff to sit and chat but if there is ever a need for this service we can help to find someone to come in and be a companion or arrange for one of the girls to come in for a visit.

A personal chef is ideal for Seniors and individuals who have strict dietary needs. A personal chef visits your home and prepares meals according to a pre-planned menu designed around your dietary needs and favorite foods. The chef does everything from grocery shopping for the food, cleaning your kitchen, preparing the food, storing the food and providing instructions for reheating and serving the food.  We can discuss what you want and from there I can plan and organize it for you.

Qualifications: Culinary Arts Diploma from Vancouver Community College
Food Safe Level Two
Over 20 years experience (12 of those years working with Seniors)

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