Let us make it nice!

Coming home from the hospital and the house needs cleaning and dinner needs to be made?

It could be the birth of a child or perhaps surgery and you just are not able to attend to these extra things right now. Give Wits End a call and we can come in and ease the transition for you while you settle back in to your home.

Need some meal service?

A personal chef is ideal for busy families and individuals who have strict dietary needs. A personal chef visits your home and prepares meals according to a pre-planned menu designed around your dietary needs and favorite foods. The chef does everything from grocery shopping for the food, cleaning your kitchen, preparing the food, storing the food and providing instructions for reheating and serving the food. Are you looking for someone to come into your home and make healthy meals?

Qualifications: Culinary Arts Diploma from Vancouver Community College
Food Safe Level Two
Over 20 years experience

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