Hoarding Heave Ho! Lets De-clutter…..

Do you have stuff you have had for years or inherited and do not know what to do with it? Can’t seem to get a handle on it? Finding it difficult to let it go and yet you want to?

Wits End has worked with clients to help them get through the purging of things they no longer need in their life.

As they say, so with in so with out. It is very freeing to get your home cleaned of clutter. Just not so easy to do without some caring help.

Give us a call and Waverlea would be happy to come and meet with you or discuss on the phone what you would like to do and let’s see if we can help get your home to where you want it.

We can help you set the goal and find ways to get you there.

Waverlea is a Professional Counsellor and Life Coach and understands the process of letting go. She will work with those who need extra time to process through the feelings of letting go.

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