Realtor Re-Vamp

Do you want to list your home and need a good clean to make your place more attractive to list on the market? It has been proven that having a spotless home entices potential homeowners to purchase.

Need to organize your home and de-clutter to sell?

Moving and need to pack up? We can come in and pack up your home for you and also do a move out clean.

Moving into a home and need it cleaned before you set up your home? We can clean and even help you get settled in.

You live out of town and your parents have to move or have passed and you need to have the home taken care of. Give us a call and we can help with packing up.

Please check under commercial for post construction cleans if it is a newly built home.

Please check out hoarding/de-cluttering if you need this service.

We have streamlined our process and our pricing for all move-in, move-out  cleans while putting you in complete control. Every team consists of 2 cleaners. For every clock hour you receive TWO person hours of cleaning.

We let you determine the priority list of what items or areas you want cleaned first down to what items or areas you want cleaned last. We work very hard on your priority list, trying to complete it entirely in the time permitted. After all, it is your money. Shouldn’t you get EXACTLY what you want?

We can do as much or as little as you want and you control the budget.


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