Wits End Solution’s mission is to relieve the stress from clients who feel ovewhelmed with the care of their home. From yard work to housework and anything in between. Sometimes things come up in our life and we do not know what to do or have the time to do it. Wits End Solutions can take care of it for you.


Over the years I have had the opportunity to do a variety of work and it has all been in service to others. I find a great deal of satisfaction bringing joy to others.

My background consists of years as a Professional Counselor and Life Coach, Chef with papers and I’ve spent most of my time being a Support Service Manager in a Senior Facility. In this role I took care of the Housekeeping department, Groundskeeper, Janitorial, Dietary department and Maintenance. The homes the clients lived in were one and two bedroom apartments and I took the care of the building. I have also been a building manager for B.C. Housing.

In order to be a support service manager you have to run departments in a organized professional manner and follow up with training your staff, accountablitly, accreditation and inspections from health inspectors. During this time I learned a great deal about cleanliness and keeping home environments healthy and safe for clients. Providing them with a lifestyle that was relaxing and enjoyable.

I have done a great deal of yard work and know that having a home to drive up to looking clean and tidy gives one a feeling of pride in the home they reside in. During these hectic times most families are on the go and having time to take care of the chore of keeping a home clean and organized can be quite daunting. I have put this business together in order to assist a wide variety of clients as we all have unique lives and needs that require individual attention.

Let me bring my professional staff to your home and provide the service you are looking for.

Waverlea Brawne

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