Payment Options:

At Wits End we accept cheques from regular clients, credit cards, etransfers and cash. One time clients we accept Credit Card or Cash and e-transfers.

Our cost is $55 an hour for two people for a one time  clean. This includes two girls, our supplies and equipment unless you have specific products you would like us to use.

Our cost for regular clients that go on a schedule is $55 an hour for two people, our supplies and equipment unless you have specific products you would like us to use.

Yard care is $60 an hour for two people and extra to remove debris and dumping fee.

This includes the peace of mind that we are WCB covered, Bonded and Insured, a Licensed Business in your community.

Please note that what you pay for covers the girls wages, WCB coverage, Bonding Insurance, Criminal record , Vehicle maintenance, Vehicle Insurance, gas, business license, holiday pay for staff, supplies and equipment and other responsibilities to running a business.

Please note individuals that do not have any of this coverage and charge the same amount as we do not offer you the same protection.

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What clients are saying

I have a large home to clean and the girls did it in less time that I expected and did an excellent job. I am very pleased. B.T.

I came home to see my flower beds all done. Even my compost was turned. It was over and beyond what I expected. Wits End over did themselves. G.G.

The girls did an excellent job cleaning my home even with some extra cleaning because of my aging cat. They did not seem to mind and were courteous, professional and friendly. S.N.

The yard work the girls did for me was fantastic and I have been recommending them to all my friends. Not only because of the excellent work they did but because they are all so very friendly and nice. I felt very comfortable having them come to my home. D.P.

How great that there is a company that comes to my home and shampoos my carpet and weeds my garden at the same time. Two things I needed done and could not do myself. Thank you Wits End. L.J.


Wits End Solutions can meet your home care needs.

We get calls to clean outside windows and bring up some heavy boxes from the basement.

Recently went into a vacant home to clean cat dander from premises and urine odour. Then had a call back to clean their car as the previous owner had an animal and because they were allergic to animals needed it to be vapour steamed.

Painted a fence and rearranged a garage to make it more efficient.

Do not hesitate to give us a call and see what we can do for you. It seems we often have things that need to get done that we just do not know how to get them looked after. It can make us feel overwhelmed. At Wits End we do our best to take care of them for you.

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